"I think we need more than ever for young people to know they have the power within themselves to accomplish anything they desire. It is not true that we are all created equal. Some people are richer, some people are prettier, some people are smarter, but there is no one exactly like you. And no matter what your abilities are you can always achieve what you can dream!"

~ Alice Cleveland

​​Meet the dynamic, courageous women featured in this powerful book-- women who pioneered and paved their own roads to success.

"Never ever give up on your dreams. Don’t let others tell you what you are destined for…this really only depends on you and what you feel and know in your heart."  

~ Aisha Bailey

"I would remind young people, “this too shall pass.” I remember using this phrase of my father’s in times of great sadness. In life there are so many times you fall, or don't meet someone’s expectations . . . sometimes even your own. Let's be gentle and kind to ourselves and realize if we had a magic ball to change something we would never grow to be who we are!"

~ ​Amy Bielinski

Ritakaren Reynolds

Never Underestimate the STRENGTH of Women

"Words of wisdom to young girls: education, education, education, education. It gives you mobility everywhere. You have convictions; trust them and follow them. Find a mentor that you admire and respect."

~ Amelia Morán Ceja

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​​ “We thought it important during this time of great idealism, while adolescent girls are actively searching for meaning, that we keep the safety net up and respect their uniqueness and encourage their growth into productive adults.”

N.U.S.W. is one of those nets. This book is all about empowerment. How fortunate are we that these remarkable women share their knowledge, spirit, and incredible strength through their personal experiences and by giving young girls the words of wisdom and heroic inspirations that have helped them along the way!

NUSW and its mission are dedicated to the memory of  Ritakaren Reynolds, Joyce Steinert's little sister, who at the age of eight, jumped through the ice to save five-year-old Susan Larson from drowning in a pond at a construction site that didn't have barriers.
Both little girls lost their lives.

Ritakaren was the "mother" of the neighborhood children, always looking after them and helping whenever and wherever she could. She was a wise and beautiful child with  a heart of gold and a strength of spirit beyond her years.

To remember and honor Ritakaren's courage, love, and selflessness, Joyce and Kerin have chosen to carry on Ritakaren's spirit of giving through NUSW and its mission: celebrating women and bringing joy and success to young girls, especially those who need additional support after foster or institutional care.