NUSW and its mission are dedicated to the memory of  Ritakaren Reynolds, Joyce Steinert's little sister, who at the age of eight, jumped through the ice to save five-year-old Susan Larson from drowning in a pond at a construction site that didn't have barriers.
Both little girls lost their lives.

Ritakaren was the "mother" of the neighborhood children, always looking after them and helping whenever and wherever she could. She was a wise and beautiful child with  a heart of gold and a strength of spirit beyond her years.

To remember and honor Ritakaren's courage, love, and selflessness, Joyce and Kerin have chosen to carry on Ritakaren's spirit of giving through NUSW and its mission: celebrating women and bringing joy and success to young girls, especially those who need additional support after foster or institutional care. 

Never Underestimate the STRENGTH of Women

Never Underestimate the


takes on the important role of lighting up a neon sign and calling all women to empower themselves.

The premise of the book is simple: to reach girls at risk before they fall through the cracks.

NUSW is a series of remarkable, awe-inspiring journeys filled with grace, intelligence, courage, tenacity, and the common thread of strength.

The remarkable women entrepreneurs in this inspiring book share their knowledge, spirit, and incredible strength through their personal experiences and by giving young girls the words of wisdom and heroic inspirations that have helped them along the way!

"Uplifting and motivational, there are no dull moments in this well written and wonderfully researched subject and book featuring some amazing women who have overcome hurdles, set shining examples and followed their dreams. Truly a 'must read.' "

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Ritakaren Reynolds

Created by mother-daughter team

​Joyce Keating Steinert & Kerin Martucci

"A very good read. Woman empowering each other is a great benefit to all. Recommend to any woman of any age. Inspiring!"

Never Underestimate the STRENGTH of Women 
is a page turner.

You will actually feel as though you’re walking right along with these women, holding their hands through doors that state: “Enter at your own risk.”